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    Growth Rate for Running table of totals


      Hi there,


      I have a table which contains data for what we may call [Number of Customers]. Every day, the table adds a new row with the new *total* number of customers.


      January 1, 2015: 1

      January 2, 2015: 5

      January 3, 2015: 8



      I'm looking to create a line chart which shows the number of new customers for each month, with a tooltip / label displaying the growth rate for that month. Eventually I will want to do this for years, but I figure if I can understand how the months work, the years should not be difficult.


      For some reason, the [Number of Customers] is registering as a Dimension. I move it to Measures and add it to Rows, it defaults to the COUNT. I change this to SUM, add the [Time Entered] to Columns, and truncate it to the month (DATETRUNC('month', [Time Entered])). When I do this, the values of Number of Customers are summed in the visualization though, so January shows up in the line chart as the total sum of all of the values in the month of January (obviously much higher than the actual number of customers the company has at the *end* of January).


      I'd like to get the last value for each month as representative of that month, and then also calculate growth rates based on those last values for each month.


      I've spent about an hour going through the forums. Every users' case seems to be different. I'm a bit new when it comes to calculated fields and dates so if anyone has a useful answer to this, I will greatly appreciate it.


      Thank you.