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    sort data in export dashboard?

    iris fernandez

      Hello friends, my question is:
      Can you sort columns by extracting data from a dashboard view on a tableau server?

      When you have a table and select download-> data and you will see all the data that was used to make that report.
      Apparently orders them in alphabetical order, can you give a specific order to these columns?

      Thanks for your comments

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          Hi there,

          I selected data, then clicked "view data" and was able to choose the column by which to sort. When I clicked on a column, an arrow appears that allowed me to sort based on that column. See picture below.


          For your solution, I'm wondering if you have multiple columns (or can include the column by which you want to sort), and then sort by that column?


          Please let us know if this does not answer your question.


          Thank you for using Tableau!



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            iris fernandez

            Thanks Angie for answering, but it would be ordering the columns horizontally, for example first year, month, etc.

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              Hi Iris,

              Thanks for letting me know. I got help from a coworker and have more information for you.


              When downloading data, the sort order of the columns comes from the data source.


              A workaround is to select Download > Crosstab instead of data. Crosstabs will export your data and keep the sort order of the columns you've specified.


              Please let me know if you have any questions!


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                Siang Li Chua

                Hi.  I have a similar problem.  At Dimensions, I am able to sort the columns by Data Source Order.   I hope to export the data by Data Source Order.


                Two problems at "View Data" window:

                1) Somehow I don't know why the "export" button is missing.  (I do have 'export' button in my other project/data set.)

                2) I manually sort the columns by drag and drop.

                   a) When the data are copied and pasted into excel, the order is still by alphabetically order

                   b) When I exit "View Data" and return, the order is back to alphabetically order and I have to sort again manually

                Is there any way to export data by Data Source Order and retain the order when I return to View Data?

                Thanks so much.