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    Command to change Tableau run as user

    Colin Heinzmann



      I'm working on a script that can configure several different Tableau Server instances.  I'm wondering how you change the Tableau Server run password via some sort of command line setting?  I understand that you can set the run as username and password from the settings GUI but I want be able to do it from a command-line script.


      This is similar to Re: how to change the admin account password  which had no resolution on it.




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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Colin,


          I moved this thread to the Server Administration area of the forums where someone  may have a workaround to share.  The documentation shows only being able to update/change the run as user from the interface as you have suggested.  What's the use case for changing the run as user? 


          Create and Update the Run As User Account is the online help document on the topic. 



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            Colin Heinzmann



            I'm managing 4 different Tableau servers on about 6 different machines (2 worker machines) all running under the same LDAP (domain) user.  My company policy requires changing the LDAP password every 3 months which is a really long, drawn out process due to having to wait for 4 separate instances of Tableau server to stop, configure, and start again.  I'm writing a configuration tool that allows me to launch one script which configures all 4 master servers automatically.


            I found out that the "tabsvc" Windows service has the runas user configured to it so I hacked together a simple Windows batch script that goes in and changes the service which appears to let me change the runas password.  The problem with this approach is that it is a little hacky in the sense that the "tabadmin stop" command must only run on the server master while setting the tabsvc runas user must be set on all the master and slave machines.


            It would be really nice if there was functionality within the "tabadmin" program that lets you set the runas user once in the application master and have it automatically flush the changes to the worker nodes.


            -- Colin

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              Russell Christopher

              RunAs can be changed with TabAdmin if you know how


              These two properties aren't officially documented (and therefore they aren't supported), but they work. Just don't come crying to Patrick if something doesn't work right!!




              tabadmin stop

              tabadmin set service.runas.username someUserName

              tabadmin set service.runas.password "passwordInQuotes"

              tabadmin configure <--------NOT OPTIONAL don't skip this.

              tabadmin start


              // Or it might be that you have to wrap your USERNAME in quotes and NOT the password. I forget. Try it both ways


              Have fun! Unofficially!

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                Patrick Van Der Hyde

                please test this on test server instance.