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    Unable to materialize temporary table on multi-data source

    Wes Gelpi

      I have a workbook that is leveraging two different data sources:


      1.      Google Sheets
      2.      Oracle Custom SQL


      When I attempt to create an extract I keep getting an error stating "Unable to materialize temporary table" and subsequently "Unable to create extract".  I'm at a loss.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve?


      For purposes of question.  Three data sources:

      1. GoogleSheet1 (Primary)
      2. GoogleSheet2 (Left Outer Join)
      3. OracleSQL (Left Outer Join)


      • GoogleSheet1 is the Primary data source with GoogleSheet2 and OracleSQL joining (via left outer join).
      • Joining structure:
        • GoogleSheet1 to GoogleSheet2 Join:
          • Record ID (Number)
          • Effective Date (Date)
        • GoogleSheet1 to OracleSQL Join:
          • Record ID (Number)
            • Default data type for OracleSQL is Number (Decimal)
            • Default data type for GoogleSheet1 is String (Number (Decimal) forced)


      Tableau Stats:

      Version: 10.1.1(10100.16.1103.2343) 64-bit