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    Unable to calculate domain for the field...

    Kyle Boyce

      Hey Everyone,


      I'm hoping someone has experienced this issue with the newer version of Tableau as well as I have. We're currently on 10.1.1 and I'm getting this error when trying to describe the sheet.



      I've also noticed that some of my Calculated Fields (in my measures pane) don't have an "!" next to them, but if I right-click them and choose "Edit" the formula running that calculated field doesn't look right.



      Measure1 - looks fine in my data pane. I then go to Edit that field and the formula looks like:




      I don't understand why it's prefacing the field names with the datasource name. I understand that it typically does that when referencing a secondary datasource, but i'm using the primary datasource on this one to run the sheet.


      It's just weird.


      Thanks for any help/feedback