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    SAP Business One

    Béatrice LORIOT

      Good Morning / Bonjour,


      I'd like to chat with someone using Tableau Desktop and SAP business One  / J'aimerais échanger avec des utilisateurs utilisant Tableau Desktop et SAP business One.

      What best practices do you recommend, what connexion is best ? / Quelles sont vos best practices et quelle connexion recommendez-vous ?


      Thanks in advance / Merci d'avance !


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          Hey, bonjour Béatrice


          I have found this short unofficial Q/A between Harish Rachuri and Tom W from our community. Maybe Harish could enlighten you about this topic:

          • How reliable to build the data model which can support MS SQL Server, Oracle DB?
            • It's completely reliable.
          • Can we have reusable objects, dimensions and filter just like SAP BO does? (-Just drag and drop to build the custom reports)
            • You can create a datasource in Tableau, sort of like a model where you define calc's group fields etc, then export / save that connection (Export Data Sources ) or better yet, publish it to Tableau Server for users to connect to.
          • Is Tableau is web based Report tool?
          • Can we have options to export reports and schedule them daily and timely? 
          • How end user friendly to Run the Report of their own just like SAP BO?
            • Very friendly. I cannot compare it to SAP BO as it's an opinion based question.


          Tableau Desktop does not currently support a native connection to SAP Business One. As a possible workaround, an ODBC connection can be made in Tableau Desktop to connect to SAP Business One. As an industry-defined standard, many database vendors make ODBC drivers available for connecting to their database. We recommend enlisting the help of an SAP representative for connection to ODBC.


          The following links contain information about ODBC connections using Tableau Desktop:


          Tableau and ODBC



          Other Databases (ODBC)


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            Béatrice LORIOT

            Merci Lénaïc !!


            J’avais vu ce post mais je crains que SAP BO = SAP Business Objects. Alors que SAP Business One est généralement abrégé sous la forme SAP B1. Cependant je te remercie énormément et reste à l’écoute de toute autre piste


            Très cordialement,