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    Issue with ATTR Funcntions

    Jilani Shaik



      i'm getting the following issue


      if attr(calculation)=true


      cust id


      where calculation= orderdate > parameter1 and orderdate < parameter2

      orderdate is from another data source


      but the above if condition is not valid can you please help me how to resolve

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          Chris McClellan

          ATTR is usually used for dimensions, what happens when you remove the ATTR function ?

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            Dan Sanchez

            Hi Jilani!


            Since you're using a dimension from a secondary data source and I'm guessing [Cust ID] is from your primary data source, you will need to aggregate all fields in your calculation.  You can use something like this:


            IF ATTR([Calculation]) = TRUE

                 THEN ATTR([Cust ID])



            You can also simplify the formula a bit more since the [Calculation] field just returns a boolean:


            IF ATTR([Calculation])

                 THEN ATTR([Cust ID])



            ATTR/MIN/MAX should all behave the same as long as there aren't multiple values being returned per row.  If there are multiple different values per row then ATTR will return back *. 


            Hope that helps!