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    information by country province

    Conrad Layman

      I have information that is separated by provinces in Indonesia.

      I cannot seem to figure out a way to display it without using Lat/Lon.

      First off, does Tableau recognize provinces in Indonesia?

      If so, how do I label my information in Excel?


      A quick Sample would look like this:


      this is Men and Woman customers by Province.



      Row LabelsFMGrand Total
      Jawa Barat93847
      Kalimantan Barat11112
      Kalimantan Timur7714
      Kepulauan Riau1414
      Maluku Utara51015
      Sulawesi Barat31619
      Sulawesi Utara358
      Sumatera Utara51015
      Sulawesi Selatan459
      Jawa Timur11213
      Sumatera Barat1910



      I would like to show a color coded map with this info.  Any suggestions?