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    'Can't be applied to a user defined aggregate' error query on calculation

    Bruce Richardson

      Hi all,


      I have the following calculation i am trying to get into my worksheet.


      SUM([Mobile Entry])-[Existing Players Entries ]


      Mobile Entry is a boolean field (1,0).

      Existing Player Entries is the result of the below calc, where both [is_new_player] and [Mobile Entry] are also boolean fields (1,0)


      SUM(IF [is_new_player] = 0 THEN [Mobile Entry] ELSE 0 END)


      When I drag my first calculation, SUM([Mobile Entry])-[Existing Players Entries ], into my worksheet i get the error in the title.


      How can I get this calc into my worksheet without this error?


      Thanks in advance for any help and unfortunately I cannot publish any workbooks or data for this due to this being sensitive client data so apologies for that!