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    Tableau - SharePoint Integration

    Purnima Rai

      Hello Experts,


      Happy New Year!!


      I am new to Tableau community and currently creating dashboards based on excel sheets which I have hosted on a Share-Point site. We are uploading this dashboard on the Tableau Server and we want the server to connect with the SharePoint site and refresh the data from excel as per the refresh schedule or on-demand basis.


      I wanted to understand if it's possible to connect Tableau Server with a Share Point site or shared directory where we keep the excel file and if it is possible to refresh the dashboard on-demand or as per a schedule.


      Please help and guide.





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          Matthias Goossens

          Hey Purnima,


          Have you tried reading this community post: Connect to SharePoint Lists with OData ?

          A lot of people here in the community have tried connecting to Sharepoint before, the comment also contains valueable info.




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            Purnima Rai

            Thank You Matthias for the reply.


            I had actually gone through the post in past and had noticed that Tableau does not support OData to connect with Share-Point list. So we tried uploading the excel file on Share-Point site and then tried connecting to this site from Tableau Desktop.


            We are able to connect to this file on Share-Point using UNC path from Tableau Desktop (Connection type is Excel Extract). But when we publish the dashboard to the Tableau Server and schedule the extract, we get an error message saying


            status code = 1000, Unable to connect to the file. Check that the file exists and that you have sufficient access privileges for it.


            Just wondering if this is something which is possible in Tableau because I do not see much help available on this particular scenario. Does auto-refresh option work with Tableau - Share Point Integration ?


            It would be very helpful if you could guide in the right direction here.


            Best Regards,


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              Matthias Goossens

              Hey Purnima,


              You are able to refresh the extract on Tableau Desktop? Are you accessing some sort of folder location when you connect to the file?

              If that is the case, then your Tableau Server service account probably does not have rights to access this location.


              Make sure the service account that is used by Tableau Server has the same rights to the location you are accessing by using Tableau Desktop.




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                Purnima Rai

                Hi Matthias,


                Yes, I am able to refresh the extract from Tableau Desktop. And as you suggested, will check if SharePoint site that I am using is configured to talk to Tableau Server.


                On the other hand, would you suggest using SharePoint as data source for a Tableau dashboard which should be refreshed periodically ? How is Tableau support for a SharePoint data source ?


                Your inputs would be very helpful.


                Thank You,


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                  Shinichiro Murakami

                  Might be not perfect, but you can make trials and errors based on below steps.


                  - Connect to the data as you normally would.

                  - As the report author/developer you need to insure that the permission is set up in SharePoint that allows the Tableau Server access (version 2007 shown; only Read is necessary):

                  This may require you  to contact the particular SharePoint admin of the site to affect this.

                  - Use the WebDAV UNC (Universal Naming Convention) to access the file from within Tableau Desktop.  My example below is for connecting to an Excel workbook on a SharePoint 2010 site:

                  The URL for the Excel workbook is

                  and now in Tableau Desktop it becomes

                  So what’s that number after the @ symbol?  It’s the port number.  Some SharePoint sites use them but not all places do – if your SharePoint server doesn’t use it then just ignore that bit in my example.  However, the "\DavWWWRoot\" part you do need to add!

                  How it looks in Tableau Desktop:

                  - Extract Data

                  After confirming data is extracted (duplicated data source icon),

                  Publish data source to server.


                  Choose embedded password, and select refreshing schedule.


                  Create New workbook and Go to Data Connect and point Tableau Server.

                  And select your published data source.


                  You can see new data source connected with Tableau server icon.




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                    Shinichiro Murakami

                    Here is another chart to understand the relationships and steps.





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                      Purnima Rai

                      Thank You so much Shin, the pointers are really helpful. Will get in touch with the SharePoint server team and check the configurations and will post the updates here.


                      - Purnima

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                        Naresh Dan

                        Hi Purnima ,


                        Just checking on the SharePoint+Tableau integration , i have been getting the same error when i try to refresh in Server (Check that the file exists and that you have sufficient access privileges for it.) . could you please help me on this  .


                        Thanks in Advance


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                          Purnima Rai

                          Hello Naresh,


                          I am able to create an extract connection to SharePoint 2010 but auto refresh is not possible. Every time I need to refresh the dashboard, I need to refresh the extract first and then the dashboard.


                          Please let me know if it helps.




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                            I'm on Tableau 10.5 and I don't see the option to embed the password when I make this connection (its there for other types of connections).   Does this still work for you?


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                              Sam su

                              Hey Matthias,


                              I have never connected to share point before.

                              I would like to know if I save an excel sheet in the share point. And connect that excel sheet to tableau as a data source using *live* connection. When I go to the excel under sharepoint and change the data manually. Will it reflect in my dashboard automatically?


                              Can you please share some screen shots on how to do this? Thank you so much for sharing when using the extract