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    mapping route / traffic in Tableau?

    Andrew Wolford

      Hi Everyone, I'm working on an open data project for mapping traffic routes along congested routes.  Basically, my need really comes down to being able to map a specific route following a road/freeway/arterial, etc from within the limits of the data that's available.


      What I want my map to look like:




      A map with a highlighted route displayed.  The challenge I believe I will run in to is that the data i have looks like turn-by-turn navigation data, or in other words, a series of rows that are street addresses.  I know that I will need to convert them to lat/long but I believe that's the easy part of my request.  In the image above, I might only have 4 or 5 rows of data.... one entry for each 'turn' or change of direction.  My map needs to show a route as it would be traveled by car, not 'as the crow flies.'  In other words, not connecting each point with a straight line.  Instead I need my route to 'snap' to the roads.  Is this even possible in Tableau?  The times I've been able to successfully display a route I've had a lot of data, like gps points with a 1 second apart time stamp so I can essentially plot a path by following the position of the GPS.  I don't think I can get that kind of data for this... 


      If not possible in Tableau any other recommendations?  ESRI or something else?  Thanks!