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    Scheduled Refresh of csv in Dropbox for Tableau Online

    Christopher Bromley

      Wanted to bounce an idea off everyone to see if I'm being too diabolical with a proposed solution that would allow a Tableau Online workbook have a scheduled refresh of a csv hosted within Dropbox or Sharepoint.


      Because I don't currently have a machine I can dedicate to run 24/7 with both Dropbox and Tableau Online Sync Client I was thinking of creating a virtual machine on our server that would run those programs and perform the task of being a relay. That would allow the handful of users who access Dropbox to update the csv to make changes on the fly without us committing one of our machines to run the Sync Client.


      Does anybody have experience with this, or has anybody had success with creating a Web Data Connector with a cloud file hosting solution like Dropbox or Sharepoint that also works with scheduled refreshes with Tableau Online? I've had success connecting Tableau Desktop to Dropbox using Blockspring, but I haven't been able to get Blockspring to handle refreshes with Tableau Online.