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    LOD expression to calculate average of a sum of values per user

    Raghuram Shanmugham

      I'm having some issues with an LOD calculation that takes the sum of values from a field for each month and then calculates the whole average. The below screenshot should explain it better.

      Excel Screenshot.jpg


      I used the LOD: {Fixed [Name],[Year],[Month]: SUM(Score)}


      The purpose of the field "Total Avg" is to be used in a histogram. With the current results, the user Fredrick gets two values plotted - 73.3 and 71.7 on a bin size of 1. I'd like to show just one average 72.9 for the entire year.


      I tried putting an average in front of the LOD: AVG({Fixed [Name],[Year],[Month]: SUM(Score)})    but this shows only one value when unfiltered on all users, ie. just one bar on the histogram for all users.