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    How to change the asterisk in the tooltip to a list when the list value is not displayed on the chart?

    Carol Au

      I’ve seen this question posted a few times in the forums but I was still having trouble getting it to work.  Using the Superstore data I want to display sub-category as a list in the tooltip and not in the actual chart.  However because it is a list it is automatically an * in the tooltip. 


      I tried the method used in this post to create a string for the list:



      However I can’t make sub-category a detail on the marks card because then it breaks up the bar graph.  I would like the tooltip to display the sub-categories for each category (ie the tooltip for Furniture would have the list: bookcases, chairs, furnishings, tables and Technology would say Accessories, copiers, machines, phones ect).


      I was thinking of adding a LOD expression to the string or the string feeder but wasn’t sure if that would work.


      Anyone have an ideas?