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    Worksheet title space above and below text

    Karl Brown

      We recently upgraded from 9.2.3 to 10.1.1, and I have noticed that the formatting for worksheet titles is different. 


      This is a screenshot of the formatting in 9.2.3


      This is how it now looks in 10.1.1


      Same text was used in both titles, no extra spaces or anything like that.  As you can see, there are "line buffers" both at the top and bottom, but also on the side, that were not there before.  I have tested this with multiple different font types/sizes, but the problem still remains.  The dashboard I am working on is getting pressed for space, and it would be nice to remove the "buffers" that are now being applied.  However, when I go to "Edit Title" or "Format Title" there are no options for spacing before and after the line (I was hoping for something similar to Microsoft Word).  Is this an option that is available to change in 10.1.1?