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    Troubleshooting Server Live Connection To Excel File

    Lee Forst

      I'm looking for some advice on how to troubleshoot a problem we've seen a couple times now.


      The scenario is we have a workbook that is connecting to multiple Excel files that live on a network share.  We the workbook is doing a live connection to each Excel file (eg not an extract).  We publish the workbook to our Server and indicate to not include external files.  The network account running our Tableau Server services has the proper rights to the Excel files.  When we view the sheets\dashboards on the Server they display properly.  However, there are times when we've made changes to the workbook and published it that one of the connections seems to have a problem.  The problem is that the view connecting to the Excel file will no longer bring data (eg blank view).  If you download the workbook from the Server and open it in Desktop, the view shows the data just fine.


      I initially thought this was a server cache issue.  To help determine if it was, I tried manually refreshing the view (click refresh button on toolbar or specify in URL).  No help.  I even went to the extreme of stopping services and issuing a tabadmin clearcache.  This still didn't help it.


      I tried creating a new workbook and copied the sheet from the real workbook to the new workbook. The view still would not show the data.


      I tried making a copy of the Excel file and creating a new workbook pointing to the copied Excel file and that works.  And if in the problem workbook we simply add a new connection to the Excel file and then do a replace data source using the new connection it works.


      Can you think of anything I can do to help isolate what is going on this this?