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    White space appears next to my report on the server


      Dear all,


      I'm a bit confused because I now have in one of my workbooks, a white space that appears on the right of the dashboard on the server (see image):



      A first version (let's call it version A) was already on the server and had no white space. I downloaded the version from the server, edited it (added a dimension to a table) and then re-uploaded it (version B). The space then appeared on all the dashboards within the workbook that had a width of less than 1369px.

      I DID NOT touch the sizes of the dashboards between version A and version B.


      I'm a bit at a loss right now because from what I've read people are saying that to solve this issue I need to put some css (which i cannot do as I don't have admin rights to the server). I would just like to understand what cause this change of publication on the server knowing that I changed nothing regarding the dashboard size...


      Hope someone out there can help me! Thank you all!