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    Calculation using Parameters

    Vandana Samtani

      The requirement is that the user should be able to adjust the assumptions and calculate the new ranking column. Below is an example -


      Theatre TH1 has the following Shows with ranking

      Show ABC (1), Show DEF (2), Show GHI (3), Show JKL (4), Show MNO (5)


      Let’s say we assume Show ABC had 2 shows (This is an assumption that user wants to change every week either for all theatres or selective theatres)


      Next Step after the assumptions

      For (Every Show inside Theatre TH1): The data set has a column called TrueCount.

      If (TrueCount] > 1) Add a duplicate of that film after that film.


      (If the True  Count for that show is greater than 1, add another copy of that show to the list right after the show)

      Final Worksheet

      There will be an additional column with the new ranking. New Column in the workbook

      Show ABC (2), Show DEF (3), Show GHI (4), Show JKL (5), Show MNO (6)


      1. The user wants to change the assumption number every week. Can we provide users to select assumption value from a drop down The values will range from 1-10 OR
      2. Can we give them a slider so that it updates the Ranking in a new calculated field?


      It will really be helpful if i get some suggestions.