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    How to convert decode in custom query

    IWAN Prayitno

      I have custom query in data source and I want to convert the query to TDE file. So, how I convert decode function in greenplum to data source filter in TDE ?


      This is the custom query :


      select * from public.ms_supp_sub_cat

      where decode(<Parameters.Param Prinsipal>,'0','0',kode_prinsipal)=<Parameters.Param Prinsipal>

      and decode(<Parameters.Param Departement>,'0','0',dept)=<Parameters.Param Departement>

      and decode(<Parameters.Param Category>,'0','0',category)=<Parameters.Param Category>

      and decode(<Parameters.Param Subcategory>,'0','0',sub_category)=<Parameters.Param Subcategory>