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    How to show rolling 6 months graph in Tableau

    Rahul Nambiar



      I have a requirement wherein I have to show a line graph with Months on column and and Sum of sales on rows.

      Now the tricky part for me is I want a rolling 6 months calculation. in which if month corresponding to todays date is january then it should show points on the x axis from Jan to the preceding 6 months. i.e Jan 17, Dec 16, Nov 16, Oct 16, Sep 16, Aug 16. and similarly if the date comes to Feb 17 the its Preceding 6 months till Sep 16 and so on.

      I tried to get a solution using tableau calculations like Last()-n and so on but I am getting confused with every attempt.


      Any help in this respect would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.