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    Number of records


      Hi All,




      We want to pull the number of records in each dashboard. I had explored the internal Tableau Postgres but couldn't get the required info. All I see is the 'size' field under hist_workbooks table which I'm not sure of it. Can anyone please suggest on how to  proceed with the requirement.



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          Toby Erkson

          Is this what you're looking for in Tableau Desktop?


          What question are you trying to answer with this data?

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            Hi Toby,


            No. I was not looking for that. I'm a server admin and we need some info regarding dashboards in dev and prod environments. We require the dashboard details like how many records each dashboard holding. I tried to pull the info from Tableau repository but I'm not finding the dashboard records details. Hope you understood my requirement now.


            Let me know if you have any questions.



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              Russell Christopher

              Hi Balaji -


              Tableau dashboards don't store records. Instead, they display aggregated results to questions posed against a data store like SQL Server, Oracle, or our own Tableau Data Extracts. Typically, a dashboard includes multiple visualizations EACH displaying aggregated results...so your question doesn't really seem to apply. Perhaps you're interested in the size of extracts stored by Tableau? It's hard to understand from your question.


              Could you explain a little bit more about what you're trying to do? You've asked for a specific piece of information, but not why you want it, and how you'd use it. Understanding your overall goal will help the community guide you correctly.

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                Hi Russell,


                We were just trying to note the 'Number of rows' and 'Size' of the each dashboard in the environment for our tracking purpose so that we can suggest the designers to cut down the unwanted elements which are not required.

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                  Toby Erkson

                  Of the two metrics you want I think size is a more relevant indicator than number of rows.  Also, using those metrics is very subjective and typically not an accurate indicator.


                  While reducing the size would be nice, I think that would be a side-effect of making the workbook more efficient, thus a performance recording would be a better checking method.  However, that is a process that is best done during the QA/testing phase.


                  You are correct in wanting designers to exclude unneeded items and that is something that needs to be impressed upon them during training and something they need to be consistent in doing.

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                    Russell Christopher

                    The other problem is that the same dashboard might display 5 rows or 5M rows based on the filters that get put in place - so looking at rowcount may not get you what you want.


                    Seeing a dashboard which displays too many rows is a good indication that the author may need some guidance on best practices, however. In any case, this info won't be found in the system tables. You'd instead need to explore / parse the logs and look at the end-query events. Each one of these will (generally) include the rowcount for the individual query which was fired....

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                      Thanks Russell for the information