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    How to create Waffle chart?




      I want to create waffle chart that shows the % of sales by a customer . .Simon Runc.Below is the image that i found which exactly matches my need.Please help to deveolp that.waffle chart.jpeg





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          Simon Runc

          hi Isa,


          So I've not tried this, or looked at the downloadable workbook...but good timing as I found this on my twitter feed last week


          Yummy yummy #Tableau waffle charts from Jesse... | Tableau Love


          Hopefully, you can reverse engineer it from here, but let me know if you have any problems.

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            Hi Simon,


            I am unable to open the link as that page is restricted in our company..

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              Jamieson Christian

              See if this link directly to the Tableau Public workbook works for you. You may not see the Tumblr post contents, but it didn't contain any tutorial elements anyway.


              Workbook: Waffle Chart

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                Hi Jamieson,


                I could download the workbook.But I am unable to understand the logic ..If anyone can explain it in much simpler way,it would be really helpful.

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                  Jamieson Christian



                  The workbook uses a scaffold sheet as the main data source, and the data as a secondary data source.


                  The scaffold sheet consists of 100 entries. Each entry has a pair of numeric fields in the range of 1–10. So the scaffold looks like…


                  1, 1

                  1, 2

                  1, 3

                  1, 4

                  2, 1

                  2, 2

                  2, 3

                  2, 4

                  10, 10


                  The individual numeric fields are used to establish the 10×10 grid of the waffle (Rows and Columns shelves). A combined field "1-100" is used to iterate over all 100 possible combinations (by adding it as a Detail component on the Marks shelf).


                  During this iteration, the field that contains the % to represent (in this case, "Profit Ratio") is brought in from the secondary data source and compared to the current iteration (using INDEX() which yields a number from 1–100). If the current iteration is <= the data point (in this case, a % normalized to an integer from 0–100), then it should be in the filled section ("color"), otherwise it's in the unfilled section ("dont"). The values "color" and "dont" are evaluated in the computed field color - xxxx, which is then used to color each square in the grid.


                  Your scaffolding can be constructed a couple of different ways. This one started with 1–10 fields and then used a combined field to generate 100 unique possible values to use as the Detail driver on the Marks shelf. Alternatively, you could start with a 1–100 field that simply contains numbers from 1 to 100, and then have calculated fields to convert that into each combination of 1–10. The latter is how my brain would have thought about the scaffolding initially; the former is probably a more efficient way to actually carry it out.


                  I hope this helps! I'm not always real good at explaining how stuff works.

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                    Simon Runc

                    Thanks Jamieson...I do have a bit of a soft spot for waffle charts...although there are far better (and more space efficient) ways to display the same information, they do have a "If something* was 100 people..." (* insert "size of market", "twitter users"...) element to it, which seems to have a universal understanding (good for Execs!).


                    Personally, I thought that's a really great explanation...many thanks and nice to have Waffle charts back in my viz arsenal!!

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                      Alvaro Muir


                      If this helps, enclosed is an example.


                      Basically you are setting up your data as a 10x10 grid:




                      One you connect to your data, you column numbers (in groups of a single digit) in to columns and your row numbers (sequential, 1-10) into rows.



                      Next you color by your data.



                      Finally adjust as needed with size, grid width, hiding headers, change colors, etc.





                      Hope this helps, I needed to replace a pie chart today as well.

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                        Imane El Hadri


                        I made a waffle chart, but action filtering doesn't seem to work on it. I can't blend the data from Excel with my original dashboard data, and they don't have a common field.
                        I was wondering if i can build a waffle chart without the Excel data source, with a calculated field... I'm aware it could be long!
                        Anyone tried this before?