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    Additional Panes

    Boopesh Jayabalaji

      When ever I drag a Sheet if there are parameters or color coding details there is an additional horizontal pane/container created. I assume many of us when not needing the parameters or color coding details we close that particular box and leave the container which piles up to the one shown in the below image. Actually where there is no purpose of so many pane.


      Does so many empty panes degrade performance ??


      Please shower your insights and experiences.

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          Chris McClellan

          DEFINITELY degrades performance.  It might not be noticable, but I have documented for a client before when they have a structure like that (your image) and really there's nothing there to display, Tableau takes time to render all those layout containers for (ultimately) no result at all.


          Try it for yourself. Do a Performance Recording now, then clean your workbook and do the same test again and compare the results.