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    Most Recent Date Autofilter by default, with options for prior dates

    Peter Seok

      Hi Everyone,


      I have some simple data from a time system, just an aggregate of hours per week that I've loaded into a workbook from a SQL server.  We started loading it on a weekly basis from a few months back, so right now, my workbook is aggregating the total hours.  I've tried using the Load Date as a filter, and setting the filter on 'Maximum', but it's still aggregating.


      Can anyone tell me how I can set my data to the most recently loaded week in question?  I'd also like to keep the filter displayed so the user has the option of selecting whichever week/iteration they'd like to see.  And on that note, is there a way to prevent a user from selecting more than one value?


      Thanks very much in advance for your help!