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    Tableau Server vs Tableau Online Price Comparison Viz

    Diogo Braga

      I want to create a viz similar to the one below comparing Tableau Server vs Tableau Online costs.


      The challenges:


      -The Server has the one-time and maintenance cost, I want to distinguish the 2 costs with color for Year 1. On the current workbook, how can I do a stack bar to show that?!

      -How can I create that ladder effect from year to year? I like it, and want to duplicate it in my viz.

      -My current data is for one-license (EDU pricing), what would you suggest to do if I want to show the values of more licenses? I prefer not changing the data source, instead have an option in Tableau that would change the values based on how many licenses I select.


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          Shinichiro Murakami

          Hi Diogo


          I draw a chart with combining Gantt and bar.

          Little bit complicated to differentiate one time cost.


          Consolidate One time and annual.

          [Annual Cost 2]  // Need to handle Null value with ZN

          zn([Annual Cost])+zn([One Time])




          Gant chart is consist of start point and size.

          Then start point is Running sum and size should be "Negative to the point of last period's running_sum" excluding first plot.


          [Annual Cost 2 size]

          if index()=1 then -sum([Annual Cost 2]) else

          -(zn(running_sum(sum([Annual Cost 2])))-window_sum(sum([Annual Cost 2]),first(),-1))




          I don't understand very well about the number of license though.