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    How to create a new field using multiple date ranges

    Dustin Brickwood



      I have played around with the date filters that Tableau provides but I have a more customized task that I cannot seem to accomplish. I have one date field [New Date], that contains all my dates, I want to use certain date ranges within this field to generate a set of 'Period Dates', 12 in total, that I want to be able to compare each period besides one another or isolate it by itself. Thus, I believe a require the periods to act as a dimension. How can I create a dimension using multiple date ranges from the [New Date] field? For example,


      Period 11 = Oct 24, 2016 - Nov 20, 2016

      Period 12 = Nov 21 2016 - Dec 25, 2016



      I would then be able to throw the 'Period' dimension into the column shelf, sales into the row shelf and then I'd have a bar chart that displays each periods sales. I've attempted to create a parameter but I can only display one period at a time from the drop down menu.


      I hope I am explaining this with some clarity. Please let me know if I need to communicate this more clearly.




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