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    Anyone successfully using a share drive between to Tableau server instances to hold Tableau Server Data Extracts to reduce refresh activity?

    Katherine Woods


        I currently manage a Tableau 10 Server production instance and am kicking off a new test instance. I want these two instances to be mirrors, but we have about 25 fairly large hadoop data source extracts that are pretty tightly scheduled for refresh between the time the data is available in the views and when the users need to see fresh data. Rather than duplicating the data refreshes on both servers, and causing extra traffic to the Hadoop cluster, I was hoping I could create a share drive located in the correct Tableau Server extract path on the Production server and mount that on the Tableau Server Test instance as if the data were actually on that server. I was wondering if anyone had tried that and can confirm:

      1) Will it work?

      2) Any potential Tableau gotchas that I need to take care of while setting this up?

      3) If this will not work, any other suggestions?


      Appreciate the feedback!