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    How to include a field in a table both individually and as part of a group?

    David Roscoe

      I have a problem that I cannot seem to figure out, as follows;


      At my company we use the following reporting periods: '2016 H1', '2016 H2' etc.


      My dataset therefore includes the fields '2016 H1', '2016 H2' etc. in the dimension 'Period'.


      We also report full year results e.g. '2016 FY', which would be made up of '2016 H1 + 2016 H2'.


      I am trying to create the '2016 FY' field in Tableau, this will be a calculation as the '2016 FY' field is not included in my dataset.


      I then need to show the two half year fields and the full year calculated field in a single table, as I have tried to show below:


               ¦                     Period                       ¦

               ¦  2016 H1 ¦  2016 H2 ¦   2016 FY   ¦

      Cost ¦ £500,000 ¦ £500,000 ¦£1,000,000 ¦


      I know I could just have '2016 FY' as the grand total, but I also need to use this field in a further calculation (in the same table) and am unable to use grand totals in calculated fields.


      I have had a few attempts using groups, calculated fields etc. but with no success.


      Does anybody know how I might be able to achieve this?



      Dave R