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    How to use Parameter to filter rolling fiscal months (3 months, 6 month, etc)


      Tableau Version: 10.0.0 (10000.16.0812.0001) 64-bit


      Good evening, having trouble finding a solution for this. I'm looking to have a parameter that gives the user four quick options:

      1) "All Months" (filter based off month)

      2) "Last 3 Months" (filter based off month)

      3) "Last 6 Months" (filter based off month)

      4) "Since last Inventory Week" (filter based off week)


      Using IF THEN logic, I was able to get it work in the "non-aggregated view" i.e. the view with the Fiscal Month and Fiscal Week columns present. I was not able to get it to work in the "aggregated view" i.e. the view where those two dimensions (Fiscal Month and Fiscal week) are not present.


      I experimented with LOD calcs, but it did not seem to do the trick.


      Perhaps I am overthinking it entirely? Please see attached workbook, toggling the "Time" parameter.