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    Create Side-By-Side Bar with selectable measures


      Hi all,


      I have a dataset of multiple organizations and 4 metrics, with percentages, for each of them. I am trying to create a side-by-side bar graph which would plot 2 orgs, of my choice, on one chart. What would be the best way to accomplish this? I am still fairly new to Tableau and was doing some research on parameters, which may be the solution, but am not sure. To be clear, here is what I would like to do:


      • Show values for organizations side-by-side on the same bar graph (all values are in percentages so they are standardized)
      • Be able to select which 2 organizations are being shown from some sort of drop-down menu (one menu for each org selection is fine)
      • Limit the graph to only showing 2 orgs, no more and no less. I am not sure if this is possible.



      I have attached a sample spreadsheet of the data. I appreciate the help, please let me know if I can provide further clarification.