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    Missing data and running total calculations




      Please see the attached workbook.I am having issues in calculating "Percent of Total - Running 4 Week" .


      I have the added the desired output in the excel sheet : Sheet1.


      The values in "Final" worksheet [ Calculated fields : Percent of Total - Current Week, Percent of Total - Running 4 Week] should match to the values in the

      Excel worksheet : Sheet1 [ Rows 40, 41]


      The issues I am having is :


      1. I have time series data and the variable : Sub-Category [ Multi selection filter]  doesn't have values for the entire time period.

      2. I am not sure how to display the entire time period with the filters applied on "Sub-Category"

      3. Also, not sure, if I have to work on configuring filters properly.


      Appreciate your help!