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    rows display

    wiem bekir

      Hello Guys,

      I have a table as bellow :

      service name   my measure

      a filtr on service name (only display the service names that start with IN)


      some months, the database does not contain data on service that strat with IN


      I would like to have 0 as  as the value of my measure if there's no rows in my database with service name start with 'In'

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          Dhruv Gupta

          Hi Bekir,


          You can exclude the filter values(which does not start with IN) using filter wizard. create a calculated field as below:


          Calculated Field:


          If Left([service name],2)<>'IN' then 0

          Else [my measure]



          and use this field in your visualization instead of [my measure].


          Hope this helps.



          Dhruv Gupta

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