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    Creating Line Chart

    Anand Krishnan

      I want to creat Line Chart to the sales trend across months.


      Here, Sales (Measure) should be in Y Axis and Months should be in X Axis.


      How can I achieve this?

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          Mahfooj Khan

          I've assumed you've appropriate data like a proper Date field and a measure.

          1. Right click on you Date field and drag it to column shelf. Select month.

          2. Drag Sales measure in rows shelf.

          Hope this help.



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            Shriram Saxena

            Hi Anand ,


            For the creation of the line chart you need to select a date field and the measure (Sales in your case just control click and select) go to show me and select the line.




            this view will appear on year click on the plus(+) symbol to convert the view in to months.


            Is this what you are looking for??