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    Conditional Formatting on Certain Columns Only

    Sarah Mauer

      Hi all! This is my first post - I am pretty new to Tableau, and I feel the answer should be easy, but I'm having trouble finding it - how can I get the conditional formatting shapes to only show on the 'vs. Plan' and the 'YOY Rev' columns?


      Here is a link to my workbook --> https://public.tableau.com/views/DestinationsDashboard/DestinationPaceReport?:embed=y&:display_count=yes


      Here is the calculation for the conditional formatting (only includes 'vs. Plan' in there at the moment)


      IF [vs. Plan] >= 0

      THEN 'Above Benchmark'

      ELSE 'Below Benchmark'



      Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!