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    Course evaluation summaries as vizzes and tabulated summary sheets?

    Katie Poznanski-Ring

      Hi All,


      We are moving some course evaluation summaries from tabulated summary sheets to Tableau. I was able to create a Gantt Combo Chart following Steve Wexler's tutorial "Likert Scales — The Final Word?", and my dean was very pleased with it. However, as many of you probably know, the transition to Tableau from crosstabs leaves some folks with the desire to see both, especially when they're not yet familiar with Tableau. So, in addition to my viz, I need to provide a tabulated summary sheet like the example below which lists each course taught by a particular instructor for the semester, the number of completed evaluations for each course, the mean evaluation score for each course, and the individual Likert values for each course. I tried to right-click on the sheet and duplicate as crosstab, but that produces two separate sheets: one for the Likert values and one for the mean values. I need them to be side by side in one sheet. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

      course eval eg sheet.JPG


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      *Edited to include sample (dummy) workbook.