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    TDE reader API for third parties

    Farhod Rasulov

      HI everyone,

      Has anyone any idea for how to read with third party (i.e. Rapidminer) or convert TDE which tablea created?


      I am working Tableau and Rapidminer constantly, as my database are big and includes so many  tables, I use rapidminer to do ETL (which I found easier than tableau), then I use tableau to see visualised data.

      As tableau created some extra calculated field, i want to analyse more deeply with machine learning in Rapidminer. So I can transfer data to Tableau from Rapidminer, however, I cannot transfer or read data (TDE) from Tableau.

      I am  searching a way to transfer data like Rapidminer --->Tableau-->Rapidminer


      Has anyone any experience with that or is there any  API to read TDE files?


      Thank you in advance!