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    Substracting two calculated fields with FIXED

    baptiste MASSEMIN



      I have an issue that I can't explain with a calculation.

      I can't send a workbook because it contains private datas. (but if nobody can't see what's the problem, I will try to create a sample)


      I have two calcultated fields :

      the first one (called "Montant") contains : { FIXED [FactureId] : AVG([MontantFacture]) }

      the second (called "Ca Previsionnel") contains : { FIXED [PrevId] : AVG([Ca Previsionnel]) }


      Separatetly, they give the right result :

      Montant = 103605,31

      Ca Previsionnel = 95000


      But when I substract Ca Previsionnel to Montant, the result is wrong. ( [Montant] - [Ca Previsionnel] )


      I'm sure there's something obvious for an expert, I just begin with Tableau.