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    Add all available dimensions to dropdown

    Pieter Krsteff-Jantcheff

      Is there way to automatically add all dimensions to a dropdown? I have a sheet with 26 variables (var1, var2, var3,...) and would all like to add these to the dropdown. It is very time consuming to add each of these manually (as in the screenshot below). Is there a smarter way to do this?



      Tableau 2.png

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          Jonathan Drummey

          When we're wanting to treat a bunch of columns as members of the same "thing" in Tableau - like variables in a list, months in a year, questions on a survey, etc. in general the easiest solution is to pivot the data to have a row for each member, then we have a dimension for the variables, months, or questions that we can use as a filter, in calculated fields, as a discrete pill on Rows/Columns, etc. You would use Tableau's Pivot feature (which is not available for all sources), the Excel Add-in, or do the pivot outside of Tableau.


          The only other alternative would be to use the parameter list that you've started. You can make that creation a bit faster by making a list of all the values and then using the Paste from Clipboard option in the Create Parameter window.



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