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    How to get Max time stamp for each product

    Rajkumar S

      Hi ,


      I have sample data in below format. I want to show the  latest time stamp forecast value for each product. Forecast year is the Quick filter. When ever i select forecast year, I need to get Max time stamp of each product forecast value . Could you please someone help me on this.



      Time stamp               Forecast year                                    Product           Forecast value 


      25-12-2016                    2018                                                A                         10.1


      23-11-2016                    2019                                                B                          5.2


      12-10-2016                    2018                                               A                         3.7


      19-12-2016                    2019                                               C                         2.6


      13-10-2016                    2019                                                B                        3.4