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    Developing Pace as of dashboard

    Michelle Davis

      HAPPY NEW YEAR Tableau Community

      I am working on creating a Pace report. 

      I have the data of the sales for month and booked by month. 

      I want to compare Sales booked by 12/31/2015 for Jan 2016(stay date) to the Sales booked by 12/31/2016 for Jan 2017(stay date).   I had success in the workbook when I just want to see Jan, but once I add in Feb or March as my for date then it changes.  Somewhere in the 2017 filtering or data collection it is assigning all months the same sales number for 2017.  2016 is correct. 

      My end goal is to show it month Jan - Mar for 2017 Pace Percentage in a bar graph.  I normally start with a table just so I can ensure the logic is correct before I move into the design. 


      My question is should I change the data source into a blend or union instead of how I have it now?  I am thinking if I do that then I will have to have a conditional filter that says if the stay date is equal to Jan 2016 then book day should be before Jan 2016 - then continue on that scenario of each of the months. 


      If we stay with the 2 data sources using a relationship - then my question is what is causing my 2017 stay not to adjust by each month?


      Note of caution - I have been using for one year and still learning.


      Thank you for any assistance you can offer - I greatly appreciate it