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    Tableau Server Refresh Issue - Fiscal Year

    Kevin Schaefer

      Hello All...I have a weird issue with one of my data sources that I can't figure out. *Disclaimer* All reports using this source were working just fine until we upgraded to 10.1.


      So, I have a data source that compiles census numbers for our hospital...leadership wanted to see it in fiscal years, so the fiscal year is set to start at April.


      When you create a workbook in desktop (simple example below), everything looks fine.



      Once I publish to server and load the workbook it looks like this:


      The years are -1 offset...then I click refresh...



      I am at a loss here...the data source is based on a sql server stored procedure that is extracted. Nothing is wrong with the procedure - all of the data is present as intended.


      This might be something simple, but I feel like I am going crazy!