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    Having an Arrow show up or down when comparing 2 columns and why is my table not behaving like it should?

    Daniel du Preez

      Global Exercise.PNG

      Hello to Everyone in the Tableau Community today. I have seen people talk about this subject. And I've tried it myself, but think that I'm making small mistakes somewhere. Hopefully someone can help me out please. I'm using the newest version of Tableau. Tableau 10.1. The screenshot above shows the current table I'm asking about.


      First of all I have 4 columns showing Quantity. The first one is the quantity from the data source. The next 3 are calculations I made to show Current month vs Previous Month vs Same time Previous year. So my first Question is why is the Table splitting the values into 2 rows?


      Could it be my Calculations?

      Current Month Calc.PNG

      Previous Month Calc.PNG

      Previous Year Calc.PNG

      The Calculations originated from a project I'm currently busy with.

      So basically at the end of the day the table should only be one row per Category and the up or down arrow should change dynamically when comparing the values to each other.


      Thank you for reading my question and a Published workbook is attached.