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    YoY Growth

    Mikhail Galichenko

      Hi! I've just sterted to use Tableau and have one qustion about YOY Growth.


      I a dummy workbook I creted some data and trying to make YoY groeth rate. Thing I need help with are the following:

      1) How can I make growth rate for corresponding months? Now I have 7th to 12th Months in 2015 and 1st to 12th in 2016 and growth rate is shown in 1st to 6th Month of 2016 (i guess it is based on 7th to 12th Months of 2016). How can I make it corresponding (i.e. 7th to 12th in 2016 compared to the same months in 2015)?


      2) Is it possible to just choose one month in a filter (YY/MM format) and see growth from previous corresponding Month (if it exists in data). For example, from dropdown i choose September 2016 and I want to see YoY growth compared to September 2015. If I choose April 2016 I want to see nothin, because I have not got the corresponding Month in my data for 2015.


      Thank you in advance,