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    Concentric Circles for Demand and Capacity Metrics

    Lori Coleman

      Hello, all! I'm new to Tableau and have done a bit of research, but can't seem to find the answers I'm looking for. I have basic data (capacity, allocation, and utilization of 3 clusters) for how an organization is making use of it's storage and computing resources. What I'd like to display in a dashboard is a graphic of concentric circles that uses capacity as the base measure, then percentages for allocation (ie, percent of capacity over or under allocated) and utilization (percent of capacity being used).


      I created a workbook of dummy data and a ppt slide that represents a sample of what I'm trying to display on the dashboard. Does anyone know if Tableau can do this (or something that tells a similar story)? And, if so, can you provide me insight as to how I can create this?


      Thanks so much (and happy new year!)!


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          Sagar Sanjay Joshi

          Hi Lori,

               You can do so by using a calculated field that has the value 0 in it.



                I would not recommend to use this visualization if the dashboard is using dynamic data. If you notice 2nd and 3rd clusters, there is an orange circle that has hidden behind the blue circle since it is smaller in size. a stacked bar chart, pie chart or doughnut chart would be more appropriate. For Ex,




          Hope This helps



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