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    Bug Issue in Tableau 10.0.0 and above

    Abhishek Khard

      Hi Guyz ,


      I was struggling with a color legend issue in Tableau 10.0.0 where the colors were changing everytime I  open the file after saving , tried the same in other later versions , the same problem continued.


      I changed the version to 9.3 for backward compatibility and the color legends were working fine as before.


      I found this out in the middle of a Monthly refresh of client and we nearly had escalations.


      Tableau 9.3.0 seems to be the last stable version , let me know if someone else faced a similar bug issue and by when can we expect stable Tableau 11 version.


      And can we have less number of Tableau Desktop versions in a year and less testing on developers


      Happy Holidays !! Cheers !!