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    Difference between two calculated fields

    Kate Mahler

      I have used a calculated field to get the results for my dataset IF they come from a certain week - and now I am trying to get the difference between these two fields, but when I write a calculation for it I end up getting 0. Would be very appreciative if someone could take a look and let me know what I am doing wrong!


      Two calculations that work:

      IF [Week]="This Week" THEN [Total Awareness] END


      IF [Week]="Last Week" THEN [Total Awareness] END


      Then this doesn't work: [Total Awareness (Last Week)]-[Total Awareness (This Week)]


      I've also tried the approach on sheet 2 where I use a quick table calculation to get the difference, but I need to use this field to create another calculated field to edit the shape (if less than 0 it will be a down arrow, over 0 up arrow).


      Any help would be greatly appreciated! Below is what I ultimately need it to look like