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    Varun Sawant

      Hi Guys,


      I just want you to answer the following question -


      Using the orders sheet in the superstore data which comes by default with tableau 10, create a histogram dividing up the amout of sales using sales bins of 1000. Which bin has the highest number of customers(Customer Name)?

      Option1: 1000

      Option 2: 14000

      Option 3: 31000

      Option 4: 43000


      The reason I'm asking is I got this question durng my Tableau Desktop 10 Qualification exam and the answer I got was the $0 bin- which isnt there in the options.

      The very simple approach i followed for this is to create bins by right click on sales and then dragging the sales bin to columns and taking a COUNT/COUNTD of Customer name/customer ID in rows.I cleared the exam but somehow was curious for this question.



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          Norbert Maijoor

          Hi Varun,


          Intrigued by your question I boosted up my Tableau version 10.0 and executed described query with sales bins of 1000.

          In the first Bin up-till $1000 there are 9519 entries (unique combinations Customer, Order ID, ProductName) on which 793 unique Customers are involved.

          Actually all customers in the data set ordered an Orderamount   (unique combinations Customer, Order ID, ProductName) <$1000



          Please realize that a CountD is defined within a bin Sean Miller "ordered" within two bins $0 and $22.000

          And "last but not least" the options 31000 and 43000 are not available in this dataset.



          I realize is not a "answer" but confirms your initial findings...

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            Usman Ali

            Hi Varun,


            Yup exactly. This was a confusing question in exam. Can you please share some more question that you remembered from exam at masterusmanali@yahoo.com. Please let me know which option you selected as per your understanding? Actually ia m also planning for exam so please help me




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              vamsi sagi

              Dear Varun,

              I think the histogram bins are inclusive of upper and lower values of bin size.. so the 0$ bin range is from 0-1000.. hence 1000 would be the answer.