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    Creating a Tableau report with hierarchical JIRA Issues and related Sub-Tasks

    Radhika Ghosh



      Our team is looking for a solution to a problem in reporting on JIRA Issues and their Sub-tasks in Tableau. Our Tableau reports are connected directly to the JIRA data source using the ‘Web Data Connector’ option of Tableau and we are able to see all the JIRA fields in Tableau. We use Tableau 9.2. I am not allowed to share the actual data so I apologize I cannot add a packaged workbook, but I hope I can explain the problem.


      Our project has a custom hierarchy in JIRA – we store information at an Issue level, let’s call it Parent and each Parent has one or more Sub-tasks. What we are trying to do is exploit this Parent to Sub-Task relationships in our reports. For example, consider that each Parent can be broken up into 4 categories. Each Sub-Task has certain attributes like Status and Net Worth. What we are trying to do is create a graph of the Sub-Task Status and Net Worth but group/filter it by Parent category. However when we put these 3 fields into the worksheet, we get a blank worksheet. If we remove the Parent Category from the Filter and leave the Status and Net Worth of the Sub-Task on the Rows/ Columns, then the data shows up.


      Certain other points to note, which may help you understand the problem better. A lot of the information of Parent and Sub-Task are stored in the same column in JIRA tables. We differentiate by filtering for the Fields Issue Type ‘Parent’ or ‘Sub-Task’. This means that the Parent too has a Status as does Sub-Task (stored in JIRA default column Fields Status), and similarly both have a unique identifier stored in the default JIRA column, Fields Key. However the Parent Category field is unique to Parent and the Net Worth is unique to Sub-Task (custom fields created in JIRA). I did notice that each JIRA Sub-task has an additional field called Fields Parent Key, where the key of its Parent is stored. However I am not sure how to use that to create a link between the data.


      Has anyone tried to exploit such JIRA hierarchies in Tableau before? Is there a way to make Tableau understand that the Parent and Sub-Task JIRA Issue Types are hierarchical?