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    Unable to use Action Filter between sheets with Multiple Measures




      I am unable to use Action Filter while using Multiple Measures.

      Given below is a sample scenario, which explains the problem and attached here is the .twbx file for the same.

      (The sample data is about Customer Feedback  in terms of Product, Agent.

      At an Overall level, 5 Customers gave feedback for Agent.

      At Level 2: Out of those 5 Customers, 4 have given feedback for Agent Friendliness and 2 Customers gave feedback for Agent Knowledge.)


      My objective is to change the view of Level 2 themes  based on the selection made on Level 1 themes.


      When Level 1 AGENT is selected, Level 2 themes should show the drilldown only for Agent Friendliness & Agent Knowledge.


      Please let me know if this is feasible.
      Thanks in advance for the Help !!


      Abraham Peter