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    Dynamic showing/hiding of filters on a dashboard

    Dani Cheng

      Back with another question! I would like to know if it's possible in a dashboard to hide or show a sheet's associated filters after accepting the user's parameter control selection that dynamically hides or shows a given sheet.


      I have four Tableau Server data sources that have identical column headers, measures, and dimensions, but are siloed by year due to the sheer number of rows in each year's worth of data, and due to the fact that a full refresh is performed each night on the most recent year, which already takes several hours to complete.


      I have four identical sheets, one for each year. Each of these sheets has an entire slew of filters and view options which are needed by the business end users for slicing and dicing the data. I can make the sheets themselves dynamically appear and disappear on the dashboard by using a parameter control/calculated field combo and having a filter condition for the parameter selection. However, regardless of whether the sheet is hidden, the filters are always visible. Because each sheet is a copy of the other, this means that the filters show four times, regardless of which view year the parameter is set to. How can I show only the the selected sheet's filters, while hiding the filters for the non-active sheets?